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Car problems always seem to happen at the worst possible time. Maybe your car breaks down on your way to work, or maybe your battery dies right before a big road trip. No matter what car problem you're facing, you can turn to Lil Pete's Automotive Inc for help. We're a trusted auto repair shop serving clients in the Mahopac, NY area, including the Hudson Valley and Dutchess and Putnam counties.

Whether you need brake repairs or transmission repairs, you can count on us to handle the job. Call 845-287-0139 now to set up an appointment.

What can we do for you?

Lil Pete's Automotive is a top auto repair shop in Mahopac, NY. You can count on our crew for:

  • Transmission repairs
  • Brake repairs
  • Engine repairs
  • Shock and strut repairs
  • Oil changes
  • Filter changes
  • Lube changes

Bring your car to our shop today for auto repair services. We'll gladly answer any questions you may have.

    Transmission Repair

    We service all foreign and domestic transmissions in any configuration, (FWD, RWD, Rear Engine, Mid Engine and Traditional Front Engine). We use only top quality parts and fluids. Warranty work is always welcome. It does not matter if your car is a 1959 T-Bird or a modern rear engine Porsche; we understand your cars transmission needs. Our highly trained specialists are standing by to make your car drive like new again.

    Adjustments and In-Car Repairs

    There are several problems that can be resolved with an adjustment (A simple adjustment is one that can be made without removing the transmission from the vehicle.) or minor repair.

    If a late model transmission (computer-controlled transmissions started becoming popular in the early ’90s) is not shifting properly, it is often the result of a computer sending incorrect signals due to a faulty sensor, or the transmission is not reacting to the computer command because of a bad connection or defective solenoid pack. These problems can be corrected while the transmission is in the car for considerably less money than a complete overhaul.

    If a non computer-controlled transmission is shifting too early or too late, it may require an adjustment to the throttle cable. Since throttle cables rarely go out of adjustment on their own or due to wear and tear, these mis-adjustments are usually due to other repair work or damage from an accident. If the vehicle has a vacuum modulator instead of a throttle cable, there is an adjustment that can be made using an adjustment screw in some modulator designs. In vehicles with modulators, however, it is very important that there are no vacuum leaks and the engine is running at peak efficiency. Engine vacuum is very sensitive to how well the engine is running. In fact, many technicians use a vacuum gauge to diagnose performance problems and state-of-tune. Many problems that seem to be transmission problems disappear after a tune-up or engine performance related repair was completed.

    In some older transmissions, bands can be adjusted to resolve ‘slipping’ conditions. Slipping is when an engine races briefly when the transmission shifts from one gear to the next. There are no adjustments for clutch packs however.

    Reseal Job

    A transmission is resealed in order to repair external transmission fluid leaks. If you see spots of red oil on the ground under the car, your transmission may be a candidate for a reseal job. In order to check a transmission for leaks, a technician will put the car on a lift and examine the unit for signs of oil leaks. If a leak is spotted at any of the external seals or gaskets and the transmission otherwise performs well, the technician will most likely recommend that the transmission be resealed.

    Most of the external seals can be replaced while the transmission is still in the car but, if the front seal must be replaced, the transmission must first be removed from the vehicle in order to gain access to it, making it a much costlier job.

    Replace Accessible Parts

    There are a number of parts that are accessible without requiring the removal of the complete transmission. Many of the control parts including most of the electrical parts are serviceable by simply removing the oil pan. The parts that are accessible, however, vary from transmission to transmission and most transmission repair facilities would hesitate to provide meaningful warranties on external repairs for the simple reason that they cannot see if there are any additional internal problems in the components that are only accessible by transmission removal.


    If your Check Engine, ABS or Air Bag light is on, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle to Lil Pete's Automotive Inc and have one of our technicians perform the auto diagnostics to provide an honest estimate for repairs.

    A vehicle’s engine control unit has access to a variety of devices in the car—and this can often be taken for granted. An engine control unit will check the airbag, turning signals and other courtesy lights for consistency and functionality as well as monitor the temperature of your oil and other important readouts of the vehicle. Newer and more sophisticated vehicles may have up to 80 functions of the engine control unit. Every car has many functioning computers and as such, it may require a few diagnostic runs of this process to be able to catch everything.

    At Lil Pete's Automotive Inc, our diagnostic tools will provide readouts for a car tune up which will re-tune your vehicle to its original factory standards, check safety systems, and ensure that your vehicle is running at maximum performance. Here are a few examples of what the engine control unit typically controls:

    • Fuel Mixture – Fuel-injected vehicles have a carefully measured level of fuel and oxygen required for combustion. Without the proper fuel mixture, your car’s average fuel economy may be suffering, and your car may be running too hot or too cold.
    • Ignition Timing – This basically ensures that your spark plugs are firing at the correct time. Engine misfire is caused by the misfiring of spark plugs, which can lead to a knocking or pinging sound in your engine.
    • Idle Speed – This is a measurement of your engine’s Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) while at rest. If your car is equipped with a Full Authority Throttle Control, cruise control and top speed limitations are also controlled by the same system.
    • Variable Valve Timing – Some vehicles are equipped with certain valves that need to open and close at a specific time in the engine cycle. This will ensure the optimum economy and power of your engine.
    • Water Temperature Correction – When your engine is still cold, this will add just a bit more fuel into the engine and warm it up a little faster so your car can get to normal operating temperature.
    • Fuel Pressure Modifier – This increases the fuel injection fire time if your fuel pressure is abnormally low.

    For any issues or problems regarding car misfire, engine misfire, and car tune up, let the professionals at Lil Pete's Automotive Inc take care of it. A trusty auto mechanic shop can help guarantee safety for you and your passengers.

    A/C & Heating Repair

    Vehicle air conditioning can seem like a small issue when the weather is mild and driving with your windows down is enjoyable. But when the temperatures in Mahopac, NY begin to rise, that quickly becomes uncomfortable. Any part of the auto air conditioner system can be the problem when it is not functioning properly, and therefore, may be necessary to call in the professionals at Lil Pete's Automotive Inc who are trained in repairing vehicle AC & Heating systems.

    A Comprehensive A/C & Heat Systems Assessment Includes:

    • Check & Test The Blower
    • Test For Any Leaks & Any Other Damage
    • Check Radiator Coolant, Hoses, & Clamps
    • Change The Refrigerant
    • Re-Charge The Systems
    • Add New Compressor Oil
    • Test For Proper Functioning & Performance

    The cost of repairing your air-conditioner is much more affordable than you think and with a Cooling System Check Up, you can save yourself a large AC repair bill down the road!

    Tune-Up Service

    Lil Pete's Automotive Inc is your one stop repair shop for auto electrical repair, tune-ups, and maintenance in Mahopac, NY. Your vehicle’s electrical system is an extremely sophisticated mix of machinery and computer technology. Many modern cars are leaving behind the traditional display of information in favor of digital readouts while still including exciting new technology to assist you while driving. This can lead to one or two blown fuses causing all sorts of unexplained issues.

    The best thing you can do is to familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s electrical system and take a few precautions against any type of automotive electrical failure. The more you know about your own vehicle, the better you will be able to take care of it.


    When your car is properly tuned, the ignition system, fuel system, emission system and computer system are all working together. This results in peak combustion chamber efficiency, saving you money at the gas pump and making sure your car is emitting a minimum amount of pollutants. Many people assume an auto tune up will solve a drive-ability problem. That’s not always the case. Our experts at Lil Pete's Automotive Inc perform a tune up verification to confirm that your car will benefit from an auto tune up. Your problem may be unrelated to a tune up and may need an engine diagnosis.

    What does an auto tune-up include?

    • Tune-up verification
    • Replacement of spark plugs
    • Analysis of emission levels
    • Timing/idle speed adjustment (if adjustable)
    • Complete maintenance inspection

    There are three big milestones that you need to keep in mind: 30,000 miles60,000 miles and 90,000 miles.

    The 30, 60, 90 mile maintenance service does the following:

    • The vehicle’s components and systems are inspected and evaluated
    • You will receive a future schedule of components and systems in your vehicle that are recommended to be changed (specific to your vehicle’s model)
    • A record of recommendation of services by the technician
    • Factory recommendations for your vehicle under normal and severe driving conditions

    What are the benefits of the 30, 60, 90 mile maintenance program?

    • Protects your vehicle’s warranty
    • Maximizes resale value of the vehicle
    • Reduces risk of breaking down
    • Extends life of all components and systems in the vehicle
    • Safer driving conditions
    • Maximization of fuel economy

    As you can see, there are many benefits of the 30, 60, 90 mile maintenance program. The overall benefits and money will always outweigh the time and money you spend on getting your car serviced.

    Here are just some of the services that will be applied to your vehicle (IF NECESSARY):

    Replace Spark Plugs

    Inspect Belts/Hoses

    Tire Pressure Check

    Air Filter Replacement

    Replace Fuel Filter

    Lube, Oil, & Filter

    Brake Fluid Flush

    Flush Coolant System

    Replace Vent Filter

    Brake Inspection

    Suspension/Shock Check

    Check Emissions

    Visit us today and experience our exceptional customer service. From automatic window issues to blown fuses, it’s our goal at Lil Pete's Automotive Inc to always provide great service and high-quality workmanship at a fair price. Our friendly staff is waiting to help you with any of you auto repair needs.

    Shocks & Struts

    Whether you’re bouncing around on the road, feeling a “pull” to the left or right, or maybe just hitting that 50,000 mile mark, it may be time to get your shocks & struts looked at by the professionals at Lil Pete's Automotive Inc Shocks & struts are a vital part of your vehicles suspension and how smoothly it runs and operates. Struts tend to be more commonly located on cars while shocks are usually associated with trucks, jeeps, and SUV’s.

    There are a few common signs that may signal you need your shocks or struts checked:

    • Any type of leaking fluid coming from the shocks or struts
    • A rougher than normal ride
    • Excessive or uneven tire tread wear
    • Dented or damaged shocks or struts
    • Vehicle front end “dips” when applying brakes

    Our techs make the necessary adjustments to ensure your car is performing as efficiently as possible. With the increased control, smoother ride, faster braking, and overall better sense of comfort, you will see a noticeable difference on the road!

    Engine Repair

    Lil Pete's Automotive Inc, we know that the most important part of your vehicle is the engine. Without the engine, it does not matter how many repairs we do because the car is not going to run. Luckily, at Lil Pete's Automotive Inc, we offer a complete engine rebuild and repair to get the engine performing as if it is brand new. Unlike most repair shops, we have our very own machine shop which allows us to fix engines right here in-house.

    An engine rebuild is usually needed because the engine’s mechanical parts are old and worn out. When we do engine rebuilds at Lil Pete's Automotive Inc, we completely remove the engine, dis-assemble, clean, inspect, test, and can even replace it if necessary. Additional procedures usually involve installing new piston rings, oil seals, belt, gears, gaskets, bearings, etc.

    Give us a call today 845-287-0139 for all engine problems ranging from transmission service to complete engine repair!

    Oil, Lube, & Filter

    Your vehicle relies on oil, lubrication and an oil filter to keep it running smoothly. Every three months or 3,000 miles, your vehicle should be ready for an oil change. At Lil Pete's Automotive Inc we offer full oil, lube and filter changes that include:

    • Changing the oil filter
    • Checking the air filter
    • Checking and topping off all fluids under the hood
    • Lubricating all fittings
    • Checking engine for leaks
    • Checking belts and hoses
    • Checking tire pressure
    • Checking entire undercarriage

    What’s the difference between Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil?

    The myth is that all synthetic oil is purely man-made and not based on oils found in nature. In today’s synthetic oils, crude or natural oil is purified and then structurally modified to produce improved performance.

    Today’s motor oils contain base oils and several additives that are carefully blended together. Synthetic base oils may be made from a variety of chemicals and processes that are designed to have excellent performance at extreme temperatures and operating conditions. Select additives are used to improve flow characteristics and lubricating quality in the harshest of conditions. Conventional base oils are refined from crude oil. Additives may also be carefully added to conventional base oils to make quality motor oils as well.

    While synthetic motor oils can provide exceptional performance and protection, they don’t eliminate the need for regular oil changes. High quality synthetic motor oils can perform and protect better than conventional motor oils, but engines running on gasoline or diesel will continue to naturally contaminate and stress the oil, and the additives can only work for so long.


    The brake system provides the ability to stop a vehicle efficiently and safely and therefore is a vital component of driving safely. A well maintained brake system protects the vehicle, driver, passengers and others sharing the road. Periodic inspection of friction material, vital system components and hydraulics helps to ensure efficient system performance and cost effective brake repair.

    What do we do?

    Lil Pete's Automotive Inc technicians begin with a thorough inspection of a vehicle’s brake linings and key components. A written evaluation, with detailed diagnoses of findings, is provided and reviewed with the customer. Brake service recommendations are based on the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and the existing condition of brake components that impact system performance.

    How often?

    Vehicle manufacturers recommend brake repair inspection at regular intervals, usually every 12,000 miles, to ensure vehicle safety and cost effective repairs. Brake repair & services are recommended based on vehicle manufacturer specifications and existing conditions for brake linings and other key component.